Theme Features 



Customize_Icon-0001.jpg   Customization


Responsive Website Theme Customization

Based on the theme selected, we’ll further customize the layout and templates to fit your content and organizations objectives. The desktop, mobile and tablet designs will be clean, functional, appealing and targeted to your perspective audience. The design will include your branding design, website structure, navigation system, graphic elements, and images. We’ll provide layouts for different content scenarios for you to compare. Once the theme is customized to your needs, we’ll fine tune it until you are satisfied.




Homepage Banner with Editable Text

The home page banner will rotate using appealing, mobile friendly animation. The large images will draw visitors in and showcase the “feel” of the organization. Just drag and drop images to upload and Morweb will instantly optimize them for every device. They can frequently be updated to coincide with your objectives at any given time and to keep the site up-to-date and fresh. Add text to each image such as title, description, and button that get’s visitors to engage with your site.





Migration and Customization of your Content 

Morweb's unique Migration Tool was built to work with databases from other systems like Wordpress, Drupal, and others. Morweb will take your database and seamlessly import into your new website.

Once migrated, our designers will review and re-layout (where necessary) page by page of your content and images. Our goal is NOT to regurgitate your content but to EVOLVE it. That's where our designers spend additional time to review manually each page’s layout, so your content is refined and communicates effectively. Our process includes:

  • Migrating your existing pages and content
  • Migrate your existing media such as images, documents etc.
  • Migrate blog posts, tags, and categories
  • Keep original URL's and optimize them for SEO




Custom Sticky Menu

This robust menu will be the soul of your new website and will provide an interactive user experience. As you scroll down, the menu will always remain on top of the content; this is called “sticky menu.” Making it easy to get around even on longer pages. With Morweb Live Editor, you’ll be able to add easily/delete/edit menu structure using drag and drop in just seconds.



 Blog.jpg   Blog


Blog Theme Customization

Based on the theme selected, we’ll tweak the layout and features of your blog to fit your needs. Morweb has a robust blog engine with features to help you easily add/edit and manage your blog. Features such as tag/category management, scheduled published dates, social media integration, instant image optimization and cropping, video embedding, auto-saving, post search and more.



Feature Carousel for Blog Post, Events or News

The featured post carousel allows you to display most recent or most popular posts from anywhere on your website dynamically. Stream the latest blog posts, events or news right on your home page without even one click. The carousel will have appealing roll-over effects and entice visitors to engage further with your website.


Connect_icon.jpg  Connect


Donation Forms

Morweb donation forms will allow anyone with any mobile device to make donations fast and without frustration.

The credit card processing happens in real-time without leaving your website. A custom e-mail confirmation with your branding and information will be sent to the donor instantly. All information is saved in Morweb, and you can download an EXCEL copy at any time. We’ll install an SSL certificate, so your donation form is secure and encrypted. No credit card information is stored on Morweb. Finally, we’ll integrate your donation form with one of the following payment gateway Stripe, Authorize.net, Payflow by Paypal or the payment gateway of your choice. (Pending API review - ask for details) Each of our themes comes with 5 different donation form layouts. You’ll be able to A/B test your donation forms, and add them to various pages when you need with Morweb LiveEdit.

Our customers have experienced on average of 20%+ increase in online donations with these designs.




Board/Team Pages

The Board and Team pages will be using a special template that will be used to display profiles of board members, staff, etc. This template will allow you to add quickly and easily/delete/edit/shuffle order of each profile on the fly with no-coding using drag and drop.


Social Sharing & Feeds

Visitors will be able to share any page, blog post or image with just a click. With Morweb you’ll have the following social sharing options:

  • Pin It - share any image to Pinterest
  • Share any page or blog post to Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin
  • Twitter and Facebook Feeds


Partner Logo Carousel

The Partners Page template will allow you to add quickly or replace logos by dragging and dropping them into the page. Morweb will instantly resize, optimize and keep consistent spacing of the logos for you. The logos will rotate with a smooth carousel effect.


Connect_icon.jpg  Optimization


Search Engine Do It Yourself (DIY) Tools

Morweb has it’s own SEO tools that allow you to quickly add meta title, meta description, meta keywords and custom URL’s. Furthermore, everything about your websites code markup is clean HTML that search engines can index pages and content easily.


Sound Development Technologies

One of the biggest problems with most websites are that load times are very slow, the technology used is not searched engine friendly or interactive. The mechanics of your new site will be light, efficient and load quickly. We will also develop your sites with scalability in mind and use technologies that will require little upkeep as technology advances.



Site-Wide Search

Morweb has a powerful search tool that will search anything on your website including documents.


Browser Optimization

The website design will be tested on Internet Explorer 9.0+ FireFox, Safari, and Chrome for consistent design, layout, and functionality of all code.


Google Analytics

We’ll transfer or setup Google Analytics code to your new website. We’ll test and ensure statistics are being tracked correctly.